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First post? This better be good.

After admiring other people’s blogs and the recipes they’ve put together or the crochet patterns they shared I decided I needed to get a hand in this as well.  And what a better time to start? Half way through college; there’s all sorts of awesome things that are about to happen!

So I sat down and said to myself, “Why don’t you sit down and record the crochet pieces you’re working on, the recipes you’ve experimented making, and the geekery you’ve gotten into?”

Well Here I am! so to start I suppose I should mention that my x men love has been re kindled since first class came out.  At first I was in awe of it’s awesomeness and attempted to get my hand on some cannon to beef up my knowledge (which from childhood is mostly based in Evolution).


I still love evolution so much!

Oh dear! I feel just as big a fool as I did when I started switching from Japanese to American comics and I said Superman was Marvel! (that slip up haunted me for days!) Well I was curious how the Prof was actually paralyzed and then how, if Mystique grew up with Charles, did she not have some sort of relationship with the Juggernaut? (also, I was confused how Mystique pulled a Meyer and grew up to speed with Charles until she hit her prime).  So off to the internet I went, sadly having no friends who are experts in this field.  (my best source of knowledge was busy with their new pet turtle).


Well, Mystique has been around for a long time (I’d like to look into her backstory more!) and that whole growing up together thing was a bust.  There’s two questions solved there.  Apparently charles’ legs were smashed by an alien masquerading as Lucifer . . . with a big rock.  Can’t say I’m mad at them for messing with cannon there.

 Googling things also is funny since you learn that what you thought you heard was wrong.  like when you google song lyrics.  It always makes me laugh when I think back to what stupidity I took to be what I thought they were saying.  MacTaggert’s name, I SWORE I heard them saying McTiger. Now I just think of her as the love child of McDonalds and Frosted flakes. greeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat! [/sarcasm]
Well, that being said I’m off to read some comics from the hard lumpy futon bed I’ve been given to sleep on this christmas break! C:

Oh, also If you don’t know myfacewhen it’s awesome.  I just found Victor on there just now and it kinda made my day.  Check it out.

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