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If I never see another fish it’ll be too soon

So my show was a few weeks ago now, so my hatred of fish is waning but still burning pretty well
I finally “finished” my paper mache fish, by which I got them completed but not perfected.  they still have a bunch of problems: namely the tails which I practically forgot and didn’t get to spend too much time on making the way I wanted to look.

If you were curious how they turned out, here’s some pictures! only took me way too long.



As you can see I had to construct a trellis for them to hang from and it was a little last minute stressful.  I also failed to realize the difficulty with hanging pieces and how nice it would be to have hooks on pre-measured string for hanging them. yeah, learning experience. The fish line (oh the irony) showed up so much less in the gallery, which was awesome.  Something to think about when using fish line, the lighting. There’s also one little fishie who didn’t make it to the party since he’s still hanging up in the sculpture building. he would have helped get my idea across, as well as 10 more fish and a veiling I could drill into. It’d hard to tell from the pictures, but they have a minor V formation going too (like geese, which strikes my funny bone in ways to long to explain now)

My friends also showed in out tiny intermediate 1 week show (but they’re both painters, so we won’t judge them too hard c; )

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I was going to start with a nasty little roachy at the top, but their little faces just give me shivers!
Having lived in GA for a while I know my problem isn’t as bad as it could be but it’s pretty bad.  So imagine you’re living in cement apartments where you’re layered like a cake: dudes, chicks, dudes, chicks and then left to right: dude, chicks, dudes, chicks.  The Girls, we’re decently clean.  We cooks, clean, vacuum, then pick up all the crumbs that dropped behind us as we cleaned with a cookie in hand.  The boys . . . there’s a disaster story.  So While we’re in theses apartments there’s dirt from the 60’s probably still deep in the carpet.

Yes, they put wall to wall carpets in college student apartments.

Is it any wonder that while we’re clean and the boys next door have empty booze bottles probably laying about, that cockroaches are attracted in?

Well, we’d done a pretty good job for a while of keeping them out but then IT RAINED. Oh dear, we probably had 2 days or rain.  What I wouldn’t give to go back to scorching texas summer instead.

The roaches came running in in hoards those days and it was terrifying.   The first one to come to my attention was the worst and the most scarring.

it’s midnight and I decide to go to sleep but my roomie is still awake studying science (some complex form with lots of math, I don’t know).  Well, I’d been asleep for almost an hour when I’m awoken by a screech of “ALEX!”
Worst way to wake up, but it gets worse.  I ask her what’s wrong and she points to my yarn pile and tells me that she heard the plastic bags next to them crinkle.
. . . . . . Seriously? you woke me up for that?
I was mad. she then explains that she thinks there’s a roach in there, making the crinkling noises. I lay back down and tell her to move my chair and rustle the bag with it.  So she does.

And, let me mention.  it was a Godzilla Roach.  Huge!

“Kill it! kill it!” she screams.  Well I guess the adrenaline rush is enough to get my out of bed.  So off I hop (and literally I hop.  My bed is some 5 feet in the air) and grab a shoe.
By this point the monster is on my dresser and I’m not having any of this.  Wielding my shoe like a sword I fend him to the ground and stomp on him. Now I want you to think of when Westly kills the ROUS in princess bride here.  The final few stops on the  shoe that’s on him have that very same dramatic music.  I swear.
Now that’s done I clamber back into bed and go to sleep and at some point during the night my roomie gets a boy to make sure it’s dead and dispose of the body.

That was the first roach but then I had roach-nightmares! There’s a bruise literally 6 inches across on my leg from hitting the bed post as I just out of bed at 3 AM hallucinating there’s a roach on my wall.  Clearly I’m handling this problem in a healthy way. The next night I spot another baby Godzilla roach strolling out of the bathroom like he owned it.  I run for a shoe. The following few hours in the living room are torture as I’m sure there has to be a roach in every the corner.

Three nights this continues.  Dreams about roaches (to which my roomie who freaked out so bad she had to wake me up tells me to promptly shut up and go back to sleep when I wake up with nightmares about them), killing them in the hall and shower, checking the toilet bowl thoroughly before sitting down.  It’s terrible.

Yesterday a surprise exterminator come to the door.  It was a dream come true.  Thank you school, you’ve done one good thing in the 2 1/2 years I’d attended you!

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