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Oh Technology

I saw my favorite use of smart phones today at mass. Usually I roll my eyes at people playing angry birds in waiting rooms or doing pointless apps just because they can. I really only see a few that really seem worthwhile for the price but today the elderly couple in front of me leaned together in mass and me, being the nosy nose I am, craned over so I could see between them where they were both reading this Sunday’s reading . . . on her iphone. That’s worthwhile I feel.  Churchs spend so much money of every Sunday’s bulletin and things for the congregation to follow along with and sometimes there’s just too many people are you’re gushing in to get near them.  What a lovely alternative, having it on your phone!

Now the only thing to make sure is that paper doesn’t get totally outdated.  I still refuse to pay to upgrade for a smart phone while my lovely little touch screen still works perfectly fine for everything I need it for.  For as much as I love technology I’m the worst about updating and getting my upgrades while they’re still new.  Maybe that’s half the reason I can adapt to them so quickly?

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