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Dyslexia’s b aitch

which is what I keep doing on my notes.  Now I’ve always done this but I feel like I’ve been doing a lot more than normal.

As I studied for my two exams this past monday it because even more blatant.  So I wonder is this because I’m tired? Stressed? What causing these relapses of dyslexia? I usually catch them as I write the wrong letter, so it could be worse.  If I want to write “The Red Fox jumped over the brown dog” I’ll usually write “The Red Fox jumped over the Browd-” and the realize what I did.  My options then are: mess up my notes by crossing out “Browd” and writing “Brown” after it, just pretending I didn’t do it at all and writing “Browd dog”, or making sure the correct letter is there in case I can’t understand the word and need to flip flop the letters later to understand what a “browd” is, in which case I’d write “Browd Nog”.  Now the most logical response is to cross it out but that’s where my OCD-ness about my notes comes into play.  I Hate having crossed out things, bullets that don’t align, or ugly arrows so I just opt to write “Browd Nog”. After all, If I just wrote “Browd Dog” I would never know what I meant?

I really try not to question my logic too much, after all the professor’s not stopping for me to decide what to do.

Obviously what I have is super super super super almost non-existant mild since it really doesn’t impair me much at all and I notice it right away, but it is annoying.  It wasn’t until my sister showed symptoms of legit Dyslexia that  I even realized some of the quirks in learning I had as a child were related to it.  I just thought everyone couldn’t figure out which way a 5 pointed until middleschool.

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Fastest and slowest semester already!

It’s Midterms in just a two weeks now and I really can’t believe it.

It feels like just yesterday i met my new roommate Gabriella and I can still remember last semester so clearly.  I decided to try being a vegetarian this semester and I really can’t believe I’ve managed it without a hitch this long. The worst part of the fast semester though is as far as Art goes.  I only have 1 piece in sculpture! and it’s still not finished!
I’m still chugging away at those fish. I’ve got their masks and bodies lined up to be fin-ed but I wish I had double.  Not sure how it’ll turn out.

Then I’ve got to cut and colour them which shouldn’t be too hard except I plan on giving up the internet for Lent so I’ll have to watch something I have on DVD while I cut them.  Yeah, I’m not going to cut that many holes without something to distract my brain.

finally comes their tails which I’m still working on at least 5 different prototypes but I feel clothe will still be fastest.  Crochet might look cool but it’d take way too long.

Once I’m done with that I still have a my Junior review in front of everyone only a week or two into next month! YIKES! I better drudge up all my old pieces!
 Time also flew as far as Printmaking goes, and frankly I’m ashamed of myself. After my Astronomy quiz tonight I need to go cut my paper and make all the registration marks so that I can start printing my green plate tomorrow.
I mixed up my ink yesterday and let me tell you  I went through hell getting it right.  The colour was fine but getting the transparency and then understanding that printing inks’ transparencies don’t work like photoshop threw me for a real loop.  urgh
Isn’t my green so pretty though?

I’m starting with one of my simpler plates though and I’ll probably do my brown one last. I’ve always loved how the cuts look on the plate~
I’ve got the plans for my next two prints finished, which is good and they’re going to be a lot simpler.  I’ve got a etching in ancient egyptian hieroglyphs of a cat silhouette and some grains that I plan to have kinda messy looking with a combination of etching lines and woodblock flat colour sections.  I’ve still got to run them by the professor but they should fly.
So in that respect the semester has flown but it’s also stagnated in several respects.
Our garbage disposal has broken at least 3 times.  It feels like it’s been broken all semester.  The roach problem feels like it’s been an eternity.  My nightmares about the nasty little bugs from the first week feels like a million years ago. Astronomy feels like a never ending class with horrendous painful labs and too much math.  I guess I did to astronomy what non-art majors do to ceramics: underestimated it.  Only difference, Ceramics doesn’t make you do anything you’re not expecting.  Astronomy is a deceptive little booger.

Regardless, Midterms are coming. Tomorrow’s ash Wednesday and Lent’s beginning which means it’s almost Easter.  Last Easter feels like an eternity ago.  The Easter Before that is almost out of my mind! I think I finallly beat Final Fantasy XII two easters ago! I almost fainted in mass that year, I remember that much. Last easter I was human figure drawing class and-well.  Art supplies aren’t coming with my on break anymore.  just my sketchbook. (no, I didn’t bring naked people with me, if that thought crossed your mind.  It would have been epic to see people’s faces if I had done that)

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