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omnomnom- I think I started something horribly delicious

So a few weeks ago during my long hiatus that was lent I decided it was getting to hot to bak up up my remaining yams so what else is there to do? Here I am with a bunch of yams and nothing to make . . . well, not quite.  I may have started a long trend with a hilarious ending with this but I decided to make Sweet Potato Fries

yum yum yum

So here’s my recipe:
– 1 large yam or sweet potato

– spices (I used garlic powder and paprika)


-olive oil

–preheat oven to 400 (my oven never hits the right temp so you might find 350-375 better if they seem like they’re burning)

First you cut the potato into wedges, which is easier on some yams than others.  Mine was so big after I sliced it into wedges I had to bisect the wedges once more, lest my fries be as thick as three fingers. (you don’t need to peel them, just give ’em a good scrub)

Second you mix the yam wedges with your spices, the salt, and olive oil.  Now I fudged all the quantities and so did my roommate so just add what seems appropriate.  If you really have no idea just make sure that you can see a little of it sticking to the yam once it’s all mixed but don’t go heavy on the salt (you can always salt later if you need to!) I made that mistake with my turnip fries and  . . . . well, they were irreversibly salty.

third you put all the spiced and oiled wedges onto a cookie pan in a single layer.  you don’t want your wedges floating in oil, so don’t pour it all in if you’ve got a lot.

stick it in the hot over for 15 minutes then flip them over.  They should be browned pretty decent-like on one side.  Cook for another 10 minutes and bada bing bada boom! There you go! sweet potato fries!

Now I enjoy eating mine in a ketchup mustard mix but I’m sure whatever you put on normal fries will work great on these too.

After I made this my roommate was rather thrilled with the idea and made batch after batch day after day until she was tired of them. (I haven’t seen a yam since).  The boys upstairs obtained yams too . . .  except theirs got defenestrated.


I’ll toss my sweet potato cakes into this post since they’re on the same track (yams!) but I haven’t any photos.  Except for one of their frozen little behinds in a ziplock (perfect for popping in the toaster on my way to class!)

If you’ve ever made potato cakes, this is basically the same thing, except with yams! You can go either sweet or salty, but I did sweet.

-one large yam

– milk

– an egg

– some flour

– about 1-2 tbs butter

– spices (I used Chinese 5 spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove)

– around 2 tbs sugar (If you’re making them sweet!)

– first you peel and cube the yams

– boil them with a little salt for around 20 minutes or until mashable and soft to the fork prod.

– make mashed potatoes! (ie, use the fork [or a mixer if you really want to clean it up] and mash it up with the butter and a little milk).  mix in your sugar and spices at this point too

if you wanted to you could stop at this point and just eat mashed yam, but maybe I’ll do that some other time.

-add the egg into the mashed yams and bat them together.

-note the yams should be much thinner now so add in enough flour until you’ve got a decent sort of thick batter (think thick pancakes)

-spoon a dollop onto a hot greased pan and wait until the bottom has cooked.  Once you’re able (it should only take a minutes) flip the cake over and use the spatula to push down the cooked side flat.

once the other side is cooked I usually flip mine back over again to finish up the first side and brown the edges that I squished out.


I enjoyed eating mine like British shrove pancakes: with lemon juice and sugar, but honey works just as well.  for that matter a creme cheese icing would be fantastic as well.

the freeze decently well, but are definitely best fresh. if you plan to freeze them make sure your batter’s a littler thinner since you’ll want the toaster to make them warm and a little firm without turning the edges black.

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laurenslatest’s Hasselback Garlic Cheesy Bread

Does this picture not just make you salivate even if you’re not hungry?

Saturday morning I wake up with the full intention of  doing some paper mache but it’s too cold out so I make bread instead.  I’d had my eye on Hasselback Garlic Cheesy Bread for a while now and decided it’d a perfect morning to try it!

Honestly, I haven’t had much luck with yeast so I wasn’t expecting it to work but it did, and quite well.  Thus, I have no pictures.  (It was gobbled up quite quickly)

I made a few changes that turned out very nicely too.

1. I couldn’t get all the flour in the recipe into my dough.  It calls for 3 cups I think I only put about 2 1/4-1/2.
2. It was all hand done, since I have come to dislike electric kitchen appliances and tools so nothing was done with a beater. I kneaded my dough myself, but since I don’t quite know how bakers do it I did it like a ceramicist. So I guess my dough was wedged, if that really makes a difference.
3. I didn’t have garlic butter or a mixer so I minced about half a clove and used two knives to whip it into about 3/4 cup of stick butter. Then I set the metal bowl on the pre-heating oven and it was melted by the time I needed it.  Since it had cloves I used a basting brush and a spoon to make sure I got some minced garlic in all the slits. I also made sure there was minced garlic on the top which browned and was a flavorful crunch.
4. I used Sharp Cheddar which added a nice kick and then ate it with hot sauce. mmmm, tapatios <3

I’m definitely going to try making this again and maybe I’ll be able to have it for longer than a single day too. In my defense I shared it with 5 girls though and totally didn’t eat the largest quantity myself. >____>

My goal next time I make it: Aesthetics.  I need to improve how I twist the bread and get the cheese on there better.  Investing in a bread knife might help too.
I’m thinking this one would be fun, I already have a few similar ones in paring and chef’s so it would match up lovely~

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