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I’ll get to Art History Later but for now You can Learn how I’m Hipster

Since learning about the hipster Late last year I’ve come to the realization more and more that I unfortunately embody this trend and have been for years and years.  So does that make me hipster before it was cool?

After recollecting on my favorite story of how I was aghast as twilight hit the forums hard the week after I read it, thus allowing me to say I hated twilight before it was popular to like or dislike it and several other similar ones I had it pointed out to me I’m a skinny jean wearing, large sweater donning, tea drinking, story writing, big glasses, and paisley scarf person.  Oh dear. At least I don’t wear the palestine liberation scarf that seems to be big in the scarf world (but I was a fan of it before it became a fashion trend)

I do believe my poor friend Jon was horrified when he discovered this whilst sharing in my tea drinking habit.

Lets look at the other horrifying ways in which I am unfortunately hipster:
I go to a small catholic college you probably haven’t heard of
I graduated Highschool in a small european college you probably haven’t heard of (unless you’re a history buff or think it’s Siberia)
I own myself 2 pairs of shwanky jesus Sandles
I’ve given serious consideration to peace corps
I regret every day I didn’t buy that burlap canvas shopping bag from fresh market.
I gave serious consideration to buying records not because I love the turn table sound
I’ve been wearing oxfords with heels for ages and spent the last 2 years looking for a great pair of moccasins
I’ve been being a bit of an organic nerd for a while
I wear tight pants and scarfs and drink tea in big glasses
I knit
I love thrifting

and the worst part, I was doing all of this before it was cool (except for thrifting.  my Thrift store buddy got me into that two years ago)

My only rational is that I’m an artist.  It was pointed out to me that by being counter culture as culture become counter culture I become mass culture? So the question that bears asking is it more Hipster for me to continue being hipster because that’s where I naturally ended up or be even more hipster by trying to escape?

I think the world’s hipster’s will blow over soon enough and leave me behind.  Then I can dance to my own drum once again without fear.

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