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its getting warm out side . .. time for ice tea!

Its probably the British in my blood and the southern in my brain that’s got me jumping for ice tea once the temperature gets too warm to rationalize hot tea, but oh dear is it a lovely thing.  Apparently, I lived years and years not knowing that one could drink ice tea without buying specifically labeled “ICE TEA”, but now that I know there’s not much holding me back.

Now I love herbal tea, which works great for iced.  My favorite tea at the moment is Green Cinnamon though, which was a surprisingly successful experiment.

you didn’t know that any tea could be iced either? well, here’s what I like.
Now I like using my tea leaves that I got from the korean grocery store near my school simply because it’s super yummy but a simple tea bag works fine as well. Obviously though if you’re making more than a single cup you’ll need more than a single bag.

I like just dumping the leaves straight into my bottle since the tea diffuser only makes 2 cups.


This time I used my VOSS bottle, because it’s kinda epically shaped and glass.
so in went maybe just over a tablespoon of that and a few pieces of cinnamon bark.


I like using my cinnamon bark, as opposed to sticks because A. they were cheap to buy in bulk at the indian grocery store and B. I store them in a plastic bag and the broken pieces that collect at the bottom work well for this (since they’re half the size of the rest of the bark)

then I steep it like regular tea! only thing (I realized after I’d been carting around my iced tea from class to class) is its kinda a yellow-y colour. I’ll let you guess what it looked like.  So I decided to milk it, and that worked just as well, if not a little better!

If wanted, sugar’s added while it’s still hot, to help it dissolve best.  You can get the leaves out if you want but since my bottle’s so tall I’m not really worried about drinking them.  I always like my ice tea strong anyways too, so the longer it can steep, the better.

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