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What was lost can be found once more

Today was warm and delightful.  I made iced chai latte, strolled around in shorts, and ran around campus barefoot.  It was all rather delightful.  The best part thought was that I found my old school ID! I lost in within the first few weeks of the last semester and refused to pay the $5 to get a new one.  Honestly, all I needed it for was getting into the sculpture building and CSO will let me if If I call them.  No amount of dirty looks will get me o pay those $5!
Well as I pull out my super short shorts that I’m still in the process of making longer with lace but tapering properly.  Well as I try them on I notice something hard in the butt pocket. “What the?” I ask myself, reaching down to retrieve said object.
As I pull it out . . . lo and behold it’s my missing ID! I knew I didn’t need to pay the 5 bucks, my only mistake was thinking that I’d stored it in the pocket of one of the full length pairs of pants. (trust me to lose it in the one pair of shorts I wear least often!).  I suppose those months of having to call CSO were divine retribution for my shorts being too short? c;

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