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It’s that stressful time of Year Again, New Art Projects

The semester starts and you need a new Project in every class, but fear not! I already have an Idea for sculpture

After some preliminary sketches over the Christmas Break I think I’m going to go with my fish idea from last semester.  Now the trick is, once I’ve got the idea all panned out to make them big enough that they have a presence but not take so long to make that I can only have 3.  The first hurtle I have to gap is the body, which I’d really like to be made out of metal.  After some pounding on a thin piece of aluminum I jumped on the internet to see how other people have made spheres and the like.  I found this!

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to try out this, it’s almost exactly what I was doing, but the shapes and extra pieces that weld together are eye opening enough to help me go “Derp! you don’t need 50 triangles or one piece of metal that’s a perfect fit!”  Funny how it’s hard to get your mind out of that silly little box, eh?

I also just started my first print in Print making.  He said Bring in an image so I brought in a revamp of my DA ID

Fingers crossed it turns out well!

I got the resin sand off my metal poured crochet pieces finally too <3  Still have to figure out what to do with them too.

On the not class related front, I started my new Afghan and it’s coming along smashingly! I finally picked out all my own colours and they’re all some of my favorites! Once I’m further in on this and have worked some on my knit cable scarf I’ll make some sunflowers to hang up in my app.  I need to make a tutorial for them too since of the few sunflower patterns I found on Ravelry no one made one like mine, which is pretty exciting!

oh, and if you’re interested, my yarn collection is getting pretty Dreamy <3 There’s just a few more colours I’d love to have in stock if I need them but I haven’t frogged anything yet so maybe that’ll be my next venture~

and there appears to be a sneak afghan bit in that pile. I’m not sure what to do with him.  My mom made him but she doesn’t have enough yarn for me to finish it, plus it’s super itchy. >_o
I don’t really want to unravel it since she made it.  Maybe it’ll just be a strange zig zag scarf? or I can hang it above my App window?

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Afghans . . . FINISHED!

My First Finished Piece! A rather small baby blanket made of hexagons.  I finished it this past summer but just got around to taking pictures of it now.  I was wondering what I was going to do with it but I was informed it was given to my cousin Elizabeth who just had a baby. I’m so glad it has a home! The hexagons where so much fun to start with since the pattern was simple but difficult enough that my first attempts crocheting I learned about single, double, bobble, and corners.  I still wish I had had more than 2 colours, but what can you do when you’ve stranded in a dormitory complex in the middle of a texas summer?

Second afghan! Smaller than I wished, but I’d originally started it as a baby blanket then changed my mind.  So it’s like a narrow full size blanket.  Totally snuggle-up-in-able though~ I wanted to do a zig zag stitch but I couldn’t understand what the pattern was telling me! Off I went to Attic24 and used her ripple pattern instead.  Well, her pattern taught my exactly what I was doing wrong in the zig zag.  I hope to make a lovely little cliche old school zig zag some time soon!

Third  afghan! This time a classic granny square! Once again, I didn’t pick out the colours. >:\ Why have I not picked out the colours of any of my projects? Well, working with my three colours I went traditional and had a blast! until I got to rows 9 and 10 at which I kinda never wanted to see another granny square as long as I lived.  I absolutely must have at least 2 running projects to switch between when one technique starts getting monotonous.

It took me 3 days of organizing my yarn collection ROYGBIV, but I finally came up with what I wanted to do for my next afghan and it’s coming along lovely~ but I’ll save that for next post.  I’m off to make sweet and sour shrimp to some Jedward!

Drowning in a Crazy Afghan Land

As I finish up my second Afghan (I finally managed to get another ball of the last colour I needed!) I start thinking of my next project.  For starters I need to go ahead and teach myself to Cable.


I’ve tried 3 times now with the little cabling needle that came with my kit on starting to knit and I just can’t get it! I just keep ending up in a tangled mess! Any tips would be much appreciated.  In the meanwhile I’m going to continue with my crochet, which I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.  I can’t believe I only learned how to do it last may! I don’t know what I would have done without it, frankly, this past year in art class.  I made a metal cast of a granny square and rolled the rest into clay.

Well, I’m adding the finishing squares to Rich’s blanket and I may add an extra row but then I can wrap it and Jacq’s up and put them away for their birthday in Feb.


So I’ve got this itch to make a crochet tutorial but I know if I start it now I’m not going to want to leave my room until they’re all finished and that’s no good.  I should wait to do them until school starts back up over here and I’m trapped in my house again. (oh the trauma of not being able to drive in America!)

Besides That I need to finish Sahara’s Nero Bear Scarf and start on Designs for my OC themed afghans <3 Then I need to frequent thrift stores for sweaters I can unravel.  Yarn is too expensive!
So, I’m totally obsessed with Miranda Lambert’s song Mama’s Broken Heart at the moment