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So I’ve never been a big Marvel person but I might just have to fangasm a little over avengers

So despite my assertions that I was going to try to get into american comics this year I really haven’t made much progress.  I still have whatever minimal xmen knowledge I started with this semester.  Despite this I’m going to have to play the poser card and get excited about Avengers.
I watched Ironman the first time from a low quality street-side vendor in Belgrade, hoping it was in English and really wasn’t all that thrilled.  It just didn’t keep my interest.  I watched captain America hoping that the movie could make me respect him a little bit more as far as Heroes go, but alas, no.  Then The Hulk, he just was never interesting to me.  I always just preferred Mr. Hyde when I needed that fix.  Black widow I honestly don’t know much about but from what I’ve hear she doesn’t sound like my kind of hero either.  Not to mention I wanted the Scarlet witch instead.  So I’m running out of heroes to make the movie worth my time but then comes along a large blonde chunk of eye candy that goes by the name of Thor.  Not only that but I kinda enjoyed his movie, despite its obvious failings. So this being the case I decided to be excited for Avengers.  Slowly slowly my excitement is escalated by a dear friend of mine who keeps hyping it up and writing scenarios for them all.
Now my only problem: how to get off campus during exam week to have a marathon leading up to Avengers.

While I mull over this problem you can enjoy this little strip I “lol”ed  at



and then it of course leads into this.




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Am I more understanding of old people or finally an old person?

I suddenly realize what old people feel like.  Maybe its not that they’re too old to understand new electronics but that they’re too wise? And maybe a little past their learning curve too.
But this idea came to me as I was turning on my old PS2 today for a long time since a long time and I remembered the first time I got it.  I was probably around 12 but I had been playing computer games for ages and ages and I assumed the rules of a computer would carry over to a console.  Well they didn’t.
For starters I thought that the screen the PS2 opened up to was the same as one’s desktop.  Thus it made sense to me that everything I needed to do could be opened up from this menu.  I can’t quite remember what I was trying to do but I kept opening up the browser trying to click the option I wanted and activate it.  I think it was playing a DVD, so I would check and try to click until I got so annoyed that I couldn’t open it.  Thankfully I was resilient and probably tried restarting the system and moping so that it auto started.  Whatever is the case I wasn’t completely Internet literate yet so I don’t think I googled it.
The second particular instance I recall was trying to quit a game.  I was playing Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone (or Jet X2o both were one of my first games) and I decided I was done.  Well, I saved like a good little kid who’s used to their computer crashing every few minutes when they play their Nancy Drew games and then proceeded to scour the game for an option to quit and go back to the browser screen.  Alas I couldn’t find it and having to look away and wince, I shut it off from the switch.
But these thoughts stemmed from my knowledge of years of playing on the computer rather than my lack of knowledge of consoles.  Had I never played games on the computer before I’m not sure what my actions would have been.  I might have read the manual (pft, as it) or I might have given up in exasperation.  Chances are that If I was still the kid I was and not some strange anti-me who avoided all electronics I would have kept with it until I figured out how it worked all the same.  I might just have  done like I did when I first needed a playstation memory card and played for hours not knowing what to do next only to risk loosing all my data (I think I re-played the beginning of Final Fantasy VII at least 6 times before I actually go a memory card.  Even tried just not dying. Heh, that worked out well.)
I think these thoughts were all born from my watching of singing in the rain the other day where they switched from silent movies to movies with sound.  I know the change had to be huge but it never occurred to me all the changes.  I recall talking to my dad about how every year he’d wait for the wizard of OZ to show on TV and how people were so awed by the burst of colour as she entered OZ.
I’ve been mulling over this all night (with some garlic cheddar Jalapano biscuits, mmm~) thinking back to my first technology experiences.  When I first realized computers were easy to hook up, when you had to restart a computer for the keyboard you just hooked up to respond, playing with my friend’s old ipod mini and thinking it was so thin, thinking an ipod nano would snap it was so thin, when I first had easily accessible internet that didn’t make those annoying noises with every webpage, and my first e-mail account with Hotmail.  I feel compelled to write down a in depth account of all my electronic experiences as something new comes out so that I can give it to my grandkids to read and laugh at my excitement over something that will become so commonplace or even dated by then.  I think it’d be fascinating to have my own grandmother’s first thoughts on turntables or cassette players, don’t you?
And so fittingly as I write this I have my all time favorite comedy duo on in the background in one of their old black and white movies: Abbot and Costello, Pardon my Sarong.

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A swami, a wasp, and two chickens.

            Today I sit and study Astronomy for my test tomorrow (the birth, life, death, and remnants of stars.  Fun, yeah?) .  Well, one can only do this for so long so I decide to take my dear little friend (and next year’s roomie) recommendation and go visit her.

            Now I tried this a little while ago after we got back from flower picking, but the booger decided to take a shower. (going to a club/bar thingy all stinky is toats socially acceptable right? [/sarcasm])  Well, I come back later and she’s standing in the kitchen this time.  This happened last time too.  She didn’t hear me knock so I just put my face in the pass through and wait for her to notice me all creeper like.  The expression when she finally saw me was priceless. So, in I poke my head but she’s staring intently at the window.  Must be debating her next painting I think.  Justifiably, since we’d just had a discussion about it all.  She’s thinking of working with reflections, which really has so many possiblities. (which have just turned very very creepy since my friend just sent me a link to O’ Death from supernatural.  Case in point.)

            I follow her line of sight and see on the door: a hornet.  They’ve got a wasp problem up stairs and the school’s not getting it fixed.  Well, I grab and shoe and firmly intend to kill it but once I get within a few feet it locks eyes with me and charges.  Screaming I run across the room.  This proceeds several times until Natalie gets a shoe, (I’m prepped by the front door to run) and chucks it at the sucker. Nothing.  Several more shoes (some of which hit him too!) and he just sluffs them off.  WTF is this hornet? SUPER HORNET?

            We manage to open the sliding doors all the way open, tempting him to leave and just as he flies out a big black bee flies in! Natalie runs for the back room and I out the front.  Eventually, through many creeping in and screaming back out the door we manage to switch places (you thought I was going to say kill the bee, didn’t you?).  Well, the bee is smarter than the wasp and manages to get out the door quickly enough without getting tangled in the Christmas lights. 

            Finally the escapade is finished but both our voices are slightly sore from screaming. She’s taken her towel off her head, by this point, but it really made the whole scene funnier when it was on.


We haven’t had roaches lately, thank goodness! But today there was a spider on the ceiling.

“We have a spider on the ceiling,” Hannah points out to me as I enter the room

“I don’t like spiders” I blankly respond.  Because honestly, I don’t.  but as long as he’s tiny on the kitchen ceiling who’s going to freak out?

A few minutes later Gabriella walks in and Hannah points out the spider to her too. “see him up there. He’s just chilling out.”

Gabriella pauses and stares at the spider a few minutes before remarking calmly, “I don’t like spiders.”

Hannah cocks a brow and chuckles, “clearly this is the shared sentiment today.” She comments with a smile. 

I’m late, but here’s a year!

It doesn’t contain all my crochet projects since I tried to concentrate on my drawings but crochet took up a lot of my drawing time this past year so some months *cough*likeallsummer*cough* were pretty much ass crochet.  I managed out 3 afghans before christmas so I don’t think that’s too unreasonable.  While I’m seeing less development and understand I’ve been drawing less I still feel that I need to practice less portraits and more full bodies especially in mini-strips.

Dear World, how do I always miss the memo?

With the start of Lent I decided to give up goofing off on my computer, which TOTALLY includes updating my blog unfortunately.
This has to have been one of my more hectic weeks ever. It started with midterms and then I learned about internships which progressed to summer plans, a grad school panic, and a fish fry which didn’t happen.

After my midterms panic I was talking to my Friend Natalie who was applying for internships this summer.  Really, all the way as early as February? YES. AS EARLY AS FEBRUARY. For starters I wasn’t aware than they were something usually done during the summer of junior year.  I don’t know if someone forgot to tell me or I just missed the cultural memo. Either because I’m culturally oblivious or dipbrats just don’t get the same info others get? I don’t know.  I do know how to get into some school in Belgium though, if that counts for anything. Regardless of whatever my excuse is the long and the short or it was I realized I had exactly 7 days to get out an application.  . . .  yeah, between having to write a resume and get teacher recommendations I don’t think it’s happening. So I started thinking about other things I could do over the summer which span from Volunteering at the Smithsonian, taking summer classes at Community College, getting a job, and etc. All this was going through my head with another midterm hanging over it and it was getting to be a little too much to take.

For the first time I realized that once I graduate I’ll be supporting myself.  This is a scary thought and I’m not really sure how I’m going to do it.  My Major isn’t really all that applicable to the workforce, being sculpture and all that. The one consolation prize is almost no one at this school has an applicable major so hopefully if the career services office is any good they know how to point pointless majors in the right directions.  I definitely wished I’d gone to an art school this week.

Well I managed to get through the week and here comes friday and I’m eagerly anticipating the Knights of Columbus’ Fish fry but they can’t get the propane tank hooked up!
 Luckily My Roomie Gabriella has fish sticks on hand! she cooks them up and gives me  an avocado with lemon.  I think I may be starting to get addicted to lemon now too. I may need to get a bottle of lemon juice.  But she makes a sauce to the fishies with mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce, lemon, and one other things which escapes me ATM.  Well it was a pretty decent sauce and it was a pretty decent friday dinner.

My panic button still seemed in engage so I had to play some Legend of Zelda to dissipate it.  Skyward sword feels like I’m replaying a game and it’s kind of frustrating. I really want to play but then I can only play for short bursts because it gets old.  Then, suddenly, I come across something I haven’t done yet that’s intriguing and I’m gripped for hours! I don’t know, I have mixed reviews for LoZ SS.  Grouse is epic win though.

Ready . . . Set . . . last minute christmas shop!

Ordinarily I christmas shop by November so I never have to deal with the last minute christmas shoppers.  I just avoid the Malls and stores from December 18-25 like the plague.  This year I goofed and got all but one. I was going to order something, but it slipped my mind. That never happens, eh? No problem, I’ll just dart into the store and grab something.  It’s only one present, right? oh deary dear no!

Apparently all of Virginia does their christmas shopping late because stores kept being sold out of stuff. In addition to my one item, I decide to help my mom in her last minute rush.  First up, the twins.  I go to Toys R us for a Webkinz and can’t locate them ANYWHERE.  Now, I have been in Italy for a little while and Texas is kind of like being out of the country as well so perhaps in that amount of time away they . . . fell out of fashion? I doubt it.  I ask a sales associate “Do you have any webkinz?” and she informs me . . . they’re all sold out.  Lovely.

Before you fret, I found webkinz at 5 below but I had to get them Frogs, and they wanted a deluxe cat thing.  Oh well, your birthday’s just a hop over in February. I’ll search again then. I did find one thing on both their lists. Mazin Hampsters!

These things are a little weird. Pardon my skepticism at having a pink leopard print hamster following your red eyed tree frog on a colorful little online world. The pun in their name warranted a chuckle though.

Well, while I’m looking for the twins I’m keeping my eyes open for my last present.  c’mon something for a 17 year old girl! This can’t be too hard! I was thinking, I’ll grab her a pair of simple black pumps and glam them up for her.

She was looking at things kind of like these two, not too hard to do myself and then I can make her crazy $200 shoes down to $30 or $40.  Only thing, I’m not willing to splurge $30 on just the pump. I was amazed how hard it was to find A.) a black pump for the price I was looking for and B.) One in stock. Grr.

Back to  helping my mom out, I was looking for a DSLR camera.  20th, I go to the store and look at them and realize I need to do some research.  I don’t know what all these specs mean and the store assistants always talk too fast for me to process.  I need words. I go through the information with my mom the next day and we both go out to look the things over.  We have a good Idea of what we want but want to compare prices. we Compare on the 22 and already Store are selling out of them.  really? That many people are buying $600 DSLR cameras the days before christmas? I was surprised. Stupidly, we wait one more day to check at the store a little ways away and by the 23rd best buy, Target, and where ever else we go all sold out! my goodness! We’d almost given up hope when HG Gregg has them.  It must be off most people’s radar.  I know it was off mine.  I think of it as the K mart of electronic stores.

My mom’s shopping is almost all done by this point and I’m desperate! This shouldn’t be this hard! but stores don’t have things for her, or I’m not willing to pay some odd $25 for a specific eyeliner she wants. I drudge through the mall and see it, in the back of Hottopic.

EPIC BATMAN SNUGGIE! After listening to her monologue on how she’s debated with friends over whether her favorite super hero’s batman (because of DC’s definition of super hero as having super powers) and on hearing how she steals the snuggie right off her younger sister I know this is good.  And she totally wasn’t with me at all at this point to back up my assertion that this was epic.

It kills me that there’s no surprise.  I order everything ahead of time and go to great lengths to keep them secret. and then I go to great lengths to try and figure out what I’m getting as well.  Why did she have to be out with me when I found the best thing ever? Now If only I could find an xmen one . . . .

oh, and shopping this close to christmas,
Tumble weeds literally tumble down the aisles of the stores.  It’s crazy.  Moral of the Story: NEVER do that again! I’ll stick to being the official present wrapper who just sits in a pile of tape and ribbon for 7 days, Thanks.

Rachel Brice: tribal belly dance and female imagery

So I’m looking up Belly Dancing costumes and I find something called Tribal Belly dance. Well the costumes are a little bit the best of both worlds.

This is what I find for their costumes and it’s like a gypsy-steampunk-belly dance amalgamation and I love it.  Off to the great vastness of the internet I go and I find this woman Rachel Brice and I have to say I’m in love with her costumes. Majorly in love.

Her Dancing’s not half bad either.  I think I actually watched the whole clip! a rarity for me in dance clips! Her movement make me think of a snake, and not one that’s just had too much caffine or is deep in existential though! You’ll have to pardon my reference, but I can totally see her dancing being part of the Serpiente in Hawksong.  oh! I’m such an Avian!

First post? This better be good.

After admiring other people’s blogs and the recipes they’ve put together or the crochet patterns they shared I decided I needed to get a hand in this as well.  And what a better time to start? Half way through college; there’s all sorts of awesome things that are about to happen!

So I sat down and said to myself, “Why don’t you sit down and record the crochet pieces you’re working on, the recipes you’ve experimented making, and the geekery you’ve gotten into?”

Well Here I am! so to start I suppose I should mention that my x men love has been re kindled since first class came out.  At first I was in awe of it’s awesomeness and attempted to get my hand on some cannon to beef up my knowledge (which from childhood is mostly based in Evolution).


I still love evolution so much!

Oh dear! I feel just as big a fool as I did when I started switching from Japanese to American comics and I said Superman was Marvel! (that slip up haunted me for days!) Well I was curious how the Prof was actually paralyzed and then how, if Mystique grew up with Charles, did she not have some sort of relationship with the Juggernaut? (also, I was confused how Mystique pulled a Meyer and grew up to speed with Charles until she hit her prime).  So off to the internet I went, sadly having no friends who are experts in this field.  (my best source of knowledge was busy with their new pet turtle).


Well, Mystique has been around for a long time (I’d like to look into her backstory more!) and that whole growing up together thing was a bust.  There’s two questions solved there.  Apparently charles’ legs were smashed by an alien masquerading as Lucifer . . . with a big rock.  Can’t say I’m mad at them for messing with cannon there.

 Googling things also is funny since you learn that what you thought you heard was wrong.  like when you google song lyrics.  It always makes me laugh when I think back to what stupidity I took to be what I thought they were saying.  MacTaggert’s name, I SWORE I heard them saying McTiger. Now I just think of her as the love child of McDonalds and Frosted flakes. greeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat! [/sarcasm]
Well, that being said I’m off to read some comics from the hard lumpy futon bed I’ve been given to sleep on this christmas break! C:

Oh, also If you don’t know myfacewhen it’s awesome.  I just found Victor on there just now and it kinda made my day.  Check it out.

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