I hate them. I had 5 fly into my apartment last night. The first two I was with my roomie nicole and she smooshed them as they flew around the apartment like the wicked witch of the west’s flying monkeys, out to get us with their sticky legs. The last 3 came is 2 shifts. first I was with my roomie Gabriella and we were talking when it flew up from between us and sent us running. It flew into the sink, where my first thought was to drown it. Gabriella took pity on the nasty little bug and saved him (with much screaming) but then TWO MORE FLEW IN! (into the sink again?)
Well, after much screaming we enlisted a boy who was passing our apartment to come rid us of the fiend but luckily out 4th roomie hannah came home just then and took care of it for us. People have stopped coming now when we scream we do it so often. This saddens me but there’s way to many beetles in these apartments.

I see bugs in every shadow now and I’m pretty sure they’ve given me night terrors.

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