A swami, a wasp, and two chickens.

            Today I sit and study Astronomy for my test tomorrow (the birth, life, death, and remnants of stars.  Fun, yeah?) .  Well, one can only do this for so long so I decide to take my dear little friend (and next year’s roomie) recommendation and go visit her.

            Now I tried this a little while ago after we got back from flower picking, but the booger decided to take a shower. (going to a club/bar thingy all stinky is toats socially acceptable right? [/sarcasm])  Well, I come back later and she’s standing in the kitchen this time.  This happened last time too.  She didn’t hear me knock so I just put my face in the pass through and wait for her to notice me all creeper like.  The expression when she finally saw me was priceless. So, in I poke my head but she’s staring intently at the window.  Must be debating her next painting I think.  Justifiably, since we’d just had a discussion about it all.  She’s thinking of working with reflections, which really has so many possiblities. (which have just turned very very creepy since my friend just sent me a link to O’ Death from supernatural.  Case in point.)

            I follow her line of sight and see on the door: a hornet.  They’ve got a wasp problem up stairs and the school’s not getting it fixed.  Well, I grab and shoe and firmly intend to kill it but once I get within a few feet it locks eyes with me and charges.  Screaming I run across the room.  This proceeds several times until Natalie gets a shoe, (I’m prepped by the front door to run) and chucks it at the sucker. Nothing.  Several more shoes (some of which hit him too!) and he just sluffs them off.  WTF is this hornet? SUPER HORNET?

            We manage to open the sliding doors all the way open, tempting him to leave and just as he flies out a big black bee flies in! Natalie runs for the back room and I out the front.  Eventually, through many creeping in and screaming back out the door we manage to switch places (you thought I was going to say kill the bee, didn’t you?).  Well, the bee is smarter than the wasp and manages to get out the door quickly enough without getting tangled in the Christmas lights. 

            Finally the escapade is finished but both our voices are slightly sore from screaming. She’s taken her towel off her head, by this point, but it really made the whole scene funnier when it was on.


We haven’t had roaches lately, thank goodness! But today there was a spider on the ceiling.

“We have a spider on the ceiling,” Hannah points out to me as I enter the room

“I don’t like spiders” I blankly respond.  Because honestly, I don’t.  but as long as he’s tiny on the kitchen ceiling who’s going to freak out?

A few minutes later Gabriella walks in and Hannah points out the spider to her too. “see him up there. He’s just chilling out.”

Gabriella pauses and stares at the spider a few minutes before remarking calmly, “I don’t like spiders.”

Hannah cocks a brow and chuckles, “clearly this is the shared sentiment today.” She comments with a smile. 

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