Dear World, how do I always miss the memo?

With the start of Lent I decided to give up goofing off on my computer, which TOTALLY includes updating my blog unfortunately.
This has to have been one of my more hectic weeks ever. It started with midterms and then I learned about internships which progressed to summer plans, a grad school panic, and a fish fry which didn’t happen.

After my midterms panic I was talking to my Friend Natalie who was applying for internships this summer.  Really, all the way as early as February? YES. AS EARLY AS FEBRUARY. For starters I wasn’t aware than they were something usually done during the summer of junior year.  I don’t know if someone forgot to tell me or I just missed the cultural memo. Either because I’m culturally oblivious or dipbrats just don’t get the same info others get? I don’t know.  I do know how to get into some school in Belgium though, if that counts for anything. Regardless of whatever my excuse is the long and the short or it was I realized I had exactly 7 days to get out an application.  . . .  yeah, between having to write a resume and get teacher recommendations I don’t think it’s happening. So I started thinking about other things I could do over the summer which span from Volunteering at the Smithsonian, taking summer classes at Community College, getting a job, and etc. All this was going through my head with another midterm hanging over it and it was getting to be a little too much to take.

For the first time I realized that once I graduate I’ll be supporting myself.  This is a scary thought and I’m not really sure how I’m going to do it.  My Major isn’t really all that applicable to the workforce, being sculpture and all that. The one consolation prize is almost no one at this school has an applicable major so hopefully if the career services office is any good they know how to point pointless majors in the right directions.  I definitely wished I’d gone to an art school this week.

Well I managed to get through the week and here comes friday and I’m eagerly anticipating the Knights of Columbus’ Fish fry but they can’t get the propane tank hooked up!
 Luckily My Roomie Gabriella has fish sticks on hand! she cooks them up and gives me  an avocado with lemon.  I think I may be starting to get addicted to lemon now too. I may need to get a bottle of lemon juice.  But she makes a sauce to the fishies with mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce, lemon, and one other things which escapes me ATM.  Well it was a pretty decent sauce and it was a pretty decent friday dinner.

My panic button still seemed in engage so I had to play some Legend of Zelda to dissipate it.  Skyward sword feels like I’m replaying a game and it’s kind of frustrating. I really want to play but then I can only play for short bursts because it gets old.  Then, suddenly, I come across something I haven’t done yet that’s intriguing and I’m gripped for hours! I don’t know, I have mixed reviews for LoZ SS.  Grouse is epic win though.

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