Dyslexia’s b aitch

which is what I keep doing on my notes.  Now I’ve always done this but I feel like I’ve been doing a lot more than normal.

As I studied for my two exams this past monday it because even more blatant.  So I wonder is this because I’m tired? Stressed? What causing these relapses of dyslexia? I usually catch them as I write the wrong letter, so it could be worse.  If I want to write “The Red Fox jumped over the brown dog” I’ll usually write “The Red Fox jumped over the Browd-” and the realize what I did.  My options then are: mess up my notes by crossing out “Browd” and writing “Brown” after it, just pretending I didn’t do it at all and writing “Browd dog”, or making sure the correct letter is there in case I can’t understand the word and need to flip flop the letters later to understand what a “browd” is, in which case I’d write “Browd Nog”.  Now the most logical response is to cross it out but that’s where my OCD-ness about my notes comes into play.  I Hate having crossed out things, bullets that don’t align, or ugly arrows so I just opt to write “Browd Nog”. After all, If I just wrote “Browd Dog” I would never know what I meant?

I really try not to question my logic too much, after all the professor’s not stopping for me to decide what to do.

Obviously what I have is super super super super almost non-existant mild since it really doesn’t impair me much at all and I notice it right away, but it is annoying.  It wasn’t until my sister showed symptoms of legit Dyslexia that  I even realized some of the quirks in learning I had as a child were related to it.  I just thought everyone couldn’t figure out which way a 5 pointed until middleschool.

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One thought on “Dyslexia’s b aitch

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