New Classes, new arts~

I’ve officially made it through the first two days of class which means there’s only 2 classes I haven’t gone to yet and I have to say, so far, I think this is going to be a good semester.  I’ve got 19 credits and only 6 of them aren’t artsy. American History and Astronomy.  The latter intrigues me and I’m hoping is as fun as finding constellations on my own was.  The Former . . . urgh.  More US history, I’m rather bored of it and I’ve only taken a single semester.  US history just has to be presented correctly otherwise it’s easily the most boring thing ever.  It’s made even worse that most people have had all the basics their whole life so little ‘russian history and IB history’ is left in the dark for things they assume you know.

I’m seriously pumped for Printmaking as I really have NO IDEA what to expect! <3

I’m finally free in sculpture! But once again it hits me “What should I do?” On my own, sure, I just work with my OCs but I don’t think they’ll work for class.  Originally I was thinking I could go with keys and clocks and blimps and things.  To my delight I walked in the studio last semester, thinking this, and lo and behold! One of the new grad students was all steampunked out! My boat was rather floated, but alas I decided that while it was fun for me for one project it wasn’t where my heart was. So off I went to think what I wanted to do.  Pure fantasy again? (Oh my lovely griffon Pot, how I wish I’d known more art history when I’d made you!)
I found my old blog with some of my Highschool fantasy stuff on it recently when I googled myself~

I decided I might want to mix it up a little bit.  So no pure fantasy, no steampunk, no Oc.  where should I go.  Well I fall back on what I seem to always fall back on since I’ve gotten to UD: Fantasia.

These fish always seem to be what I resort to when I don’t know what to do and they always seem to be very popular! My marker colour wheel, My flip book, my visual narrative. So I took the plans from last semester and started hammering them out.  I’m thinking maybe some sort of fish lamp that incorporates cloth? I wish I had a sewing machine. >:{  This is definitely on my wish list now. :3nod:

So I’m thinking my pieces need clutter.  Without clutter I flounder.

Other than that there’s art history , Gallery practicum, and theatre arts workshop. Art history: less thrilling.  but on the upside I get to work with layout again and then try out the theatre side of crafting again <3

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