Afghans . . . FINISHED!

My First Finished Piece! A rather small baby blanket made of hexagons.  I finished it this past summer but just got around to taking pictures of it now.  I was wondering what I was going to do with it but I was informed it was given to my cousin Elizabeth who just had a baby. I’m so glad it has a home! The hexagons where so much fun to start with since the pattern was simple but difficult enough that my first attempts crocheting I learned about single, double, bobble, and corners.  I still wish I had had more than 2 colours, but what can you do when you’ve stranded in a dormitory complex in the middle of a texas summer?

Second afghan! Smaller than I wished, but I’d originally started it as a baby blanket then changed my mind.  So it’s like a narrow full size blanket.  Totally snuggle-up-in-able though~ I wanted to do a zig zag stitch but I couldn’t understand what the pattern was telling me! Off I went to Attic24 and used her ripple pattern instead.  Well, her pattern taught my exactly what I was doing wrong in the zig zag.  I hope to make a lovely little cliche old school zig zag some time soon!

Third  afghan! This time a classic granny square! Once again, I didn’t pick out the colours. >:\ Why have I not picked out the colours of any of my projects? Well, working with my three colours I went traditional and had a blast! until I got to rows 9 and 10 at which I kinda never wanted to see another granny square as long as I lived.  I absolutely must have at least 2 running projects to switch between when one technique starts getting monotonous.

It took me 3 days of organizing my yarn collection ROYGBIV, but I finally came up with what I wanted to do for my next afghan and it’s coming along lovely~ but I’ll save that for next post.  I’m off to make sweet and sour shrimp to some Jedward!

2 thoughts on “Afghans . . . FINISHED!

  1. The teal hexagon baby blanket looks like a masterpiece. Absolutely beautiful!

    Jennifer Wilcox

  2. Love these afghans! The teal one is my fav!

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