Best wrong number EVER

So around 10 last night I receive a call from Georgia.  Since I’ve had my Georgia Cell I’ve gotten several wrong numbers, all from people with accents.  This particular wrong number had a lovely ebonic accent. can you say it that way? his dialect was ebonic.  He used ebonics? I feel like I’m in middle school again and I’m cornered in the bus asking for a definition of ghetto. At that time my answer was “I don’t think one can really define such a term concisely” and it sufficed. The topic of bus conversation was redirected.  Back to my wrong number though.
Around 10 I get a call.  Not recognizing the number I don’t pick up.  An hour later they call again, clearly they’re trying to get through.  Looking at the number I figure, it might be one of my little sister’s friends so I text them asking who they are.  my response: “idk who dis”.  Erm, you called me first? I don’t respond so they resend the message.  I refuse to answer.  after a while I get a message “dis bre”.  Well I enjoy linguistic hints in messages and am quite saddened by the fact the news finds this unprofessional now.  it was pretty fun in the 1980’s when the newsie strike was covered and Kid Blink was quoted for “Dis is de time when we’se got to stick together like glue.”.  So Bre’s ‘dis’es made me smile.  oh you.
 I tell Bre I know no one by that name and that he must have the wrong number. He responds with “dis Brina”.  It retrospect I realize what he was saying, at the time (due to the lack of punctuation) I assumed he shared a phone with his sister or something and put her on.  I was quite confused.  Alright Brina, I’ll talk to you too but I don’t know you either.
Again he asks “who dis” so I tell him it’s a random chick in VA, not GA and thus: the wrong number.  He persists that I wrote my number for him in “da book lol” so eventually I tell him, “look this is Alex, not who ever you’re trying to reach” and he’s all “My bad Bro” . . . . . . now I’m a dude? I got dude treatment and he finally stopped bothering me.  Alright fine, I’ll be a dude to random Georgian Bre.  Goodnight.  It’s past 12 now.
RING RING RING.  Now, ringing’s one thing but my tone if the advent children version of the Victory theme from Loz’s phone. C: [/pride] and I totally never let my phone ring extra long in public to see if anyone recognizes it. >C no one ever does.  Is it to much to ask to find another FFVII fan? I need to make my texting sound LOZ opening chest and item catch.  Maybe I’ll find someone then. Well, imagining waking up to this REALLY REALLY REALLY loud (because I’m totally deaf)

So I pick up and tell him straight out it’s the wrong number and go back to sleep. See, you talked to me in person, I’m not Brina (he asked for Brina but I didn’t realize until the next morning I was too tired to think). When you ask me something I ask “pardon” and I’m about as super white as they get.  White Dip Brat, eh.  Even if you don’t know Brina very well you should be able to hear that I have a different accent.  Well, Bre’s not so smart. I get another call at 3 and THANK GOODNESS that was the last one that night.

the next morning he calls again.  I wake up at 10 to VICTORY FANFARE! First-Quiet-morning.  Seriously? EVERYONE in my family of seven left early so I actually got to sleep in silence.  I NEVER get to do that and of course Bre calls.  I pick up, half asleep and sounding like a 50 year old smoker. “This is Still the wrong number” I tell him and he’s all ‘sorry my bad’.

I recieved over 10 more calls from him that day only after the first 5 he got some other guy to ask for Brina.  The last two were from a woman who left a nice little message asking Brina to call her back.  I’m really curious what their relationship to this woman is that they don’t recognize her voice but they all call her.  My mom thinks Brina owes them money and my sister thinks it’s a prank call.  If my mom’s right they’re really nice about it.  If my sister’s right they’re amazingly persistent.  I even got my Friend Jon to tell them to stop calling.  and He still called.

My mom said to block the number but it’s not that annoying yet (as long as the calls are out of earshot when I’m sleeping.  Yeah now the phone’s in the cat house charging)  plus I’m really curious how long they’ll keep it up.  Do they think they’ll magically suddenly get Brina if they call enough? Or do they think I’m faking? Brina’s really there but I keep taking her calls! I don’t know but it’s the most fun I’ve had all break.

RING RING! “xandi pick up your phone” “aw no mum, that’s just Bre calling again” “who?” “my Homie.  He calls all the time”

B) Aw yeah. Best wrong number ever. I’m even thinking of making my middle name of Facebook Brina for like a week or so.

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