Planning for Next Christmas already!

I’ve been goofing about on the internet and came across a Blog that talked about re-gifted gifts (as in something you have not something you didn’t like receiving c; )) and doing things more Eco friendly.  Now I’m not an Eco-freak but I like to be environmentally friendly if I can and She had some really nice ideas I might mimic next year . . . or maybe the year after that once I’m done with college.

The wrapping: So every year we fill a huge trash bag with wrapping paper and I kinda like the idea of wrapping things in napkins, scarfs, recycled paper.  My recently married friend used old newspapers and I just thought that was the cutest thing in the world.  If I was a kindergarten teacher I think I’d have my class wrap some small thing we’d make in class in newspaper and then use potato stamps to put green trees and red candy canes on them! Which makes me stop and pause, I’m taking Printmaking next semester and it’s not like the craft stores don’t sell linoleum.  I can totally make my own reusable stamps for unique xandi Christmas paper.  The first downfall that pops into my head with the cloth method though is one can only take so many cloth napkins etc.  I’m from a family of seven.  That’s 7×7 bits of cloth. not to mention my mum likes to give us more than two things from herself and dad.

make more presents: I need to get my buttocks in action and crochet some more stuff from unraveled thrift sweaters (thus a afghan doesn’t end up costing $30) .  Mom wants a mail holder/key holder.  I can totally whip one up with wood or even weld it together if I can draw up the plans in my free time.  I really want my own tool shop with 24/7 access. >:| EVENTUALLY! Spike’s thinking of those pumps.  I can totally keep my eyes open for those this next year and pull them together lickety-split once I find them.

Make my own loose Teas: We’re a tea family.  but apparently at some drug stores one can find the ingredients for loose teas? oh??? So I’m thinking find some Hibiscus flowers and make a few mason jars of hibiscus blends for mum.

on a totally unrelated note: I’m totally obsessed now with the Phoenix Nebula


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