The Ideal Care Package

The school sells care-packages at exam time but inevitably they treat you like a giant 2nd grader and give you a juice box and some pretzels in a paper bag.  Alright, maybe that’s all you ever wanted and more, but I’m sure we’ve all fantasized about our dream care package at least once while we’re all alone out of state during midterms.

Well, here’s my Top 10 Care package Items

1. Chips.

Call me unfeminine but I’d rather get a spicy assortment of salty treats any day of the week over sweets and chocolate.  I can ration a chocolate bar and eventually get tired of it after I’ve eaten 3/4 of it but I’ve been undergoing intense personal training to make a bag of family size chips last longer than 20 minutes.

2. Yarn

So apparently people are shocked I have time to teach myself to knit and crochet and then make things with my busy college schedule.  Well, simple, I just cut out the unimportant things: crazy parties and the inability to relax by oneself.  Too many people I see can’t STAND being in the room by themselves.  They’re bouncing from room to room to be with someone and frankly, it’s downright unhealthy.  You need time by yourself and time with friends. So hang with them during class time and meals, have some friend time after classes and then before the end of the day sit down with some yarn and enjoy having some time to collect your own thoughts.  Maybe catch up on some Dr. Who while you’re at it? You can even have a yarn party if you insist on being social about it .u~  See? Time. Easy peasy.

3. Fun yarn

Yes, I count this as a different item than normal yarn because I’ll probably put it into my fun yarn collection and stare at it for a few months until the perfect project strikes me.  Until then I can sit on my bed and stare at it trying to think of what I can do with it when I’m trying not to do my work.

4. Tea

Mostly I drink Mint tea but I’ve started branching out, and farther than Sleepy time.  I’ve got some black that i enjoy for it’s own sake that I bought for brewing up my own chai concentrate, some greens, and at least one white.  I’ve got a tin of teavana loose tea that I’m afraid to use lest I drink it all too.  However the bigger my tea stash the more I’ll feel free to drink and nothing is more relaxing during college that a cup of hot tea.  Coffee’s great for some, but it really just can’t hold up to the smooth and fresh feel of a relaxing cup of tea. (I feel kind of like a Brit advertising camel Cigarettes from the 40’s right there)

5. Abbot and Costello

I’ve got two box sets that cover their bests from the 40’s but my favorites are from the 50’s and I know there’s one more box set out there.  Not to mention the ones that weren’t covered in the box sets.  Who wants sappy chick flicks where you can have the classic comedy routines of Abbot and Costello?

6. Licorice

So much better than candy. It’s best when shaped like little scottie dogs, in my professional opinion.

7. Candles

some one said “less is more” but I frankly side with the guy who said “less is a bore”.  As far as candles go the more the merrier.  And If I can get all the lights out in the evening, the ambiance is so much more relaxing if it flickers.

8. Green Bean Chips

Have you eaten these things? They’re Epically Awesome.  Salty and bean-y and delicious! Almost better than chips.  The only thing that would make them better: hot sauce!

9. Lotion

I’ve got a stash but I always run out.  I’ve got a bottle for the sculpture building, ceramics building, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, my big purse, my little purse and now I need to stock up the print making building too! It should be an epic smell like orange ginger or peppermint!

10. Economy Size Hot chocolate

dude, I’m a chick and I’m in college.  Hot chocolate ftw.


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