Drowning in a Crazy Afghan Land

As I finish up my second Afghan (I finally managed to get another ball of the last colour I needed!) I start thinking of my next project.  For starters I need to go ahead and teach myself to Cable.


I’ve tried 3 times now with the little cabling needle that came with my kit on starting to knit and I just can’t get it! I just keep ending up in a tangled mess! Any tips would be much appreciated.  In the meanwhile I’m going to continue with my crochet, which I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.  I can’t believe I only learned how to do it last may! I don’t know what I would have done without it, frankly, this past year in art class.  I made a metal cast of a granny square and rolled the rest into clay.

Well, I’m adding the finishing squares to Rich’s blanket and I may add an extra row but then I can wrap it and Jacq’s up and put them away for their birthday in Feb.


So I’ve got this itch to make a crochet tutorial but I know if I start it now I’m not going to want to leave my room until they’re all finished and that’s no good.  I should wait to do them until school starts back up over here and I’m trapped in my house again. (oh the trauma of not being able to drive in America!)

Besides That I need to finish Sahara’s Nero Bear Scarf and start on Designs for my OC themed afghans <3 Then I need to frequent thrift stores for sweaters I can unravel.  Yarn is too expensive!
So, I’m totally obsessed with Miranda Lambert’s song Mama’s Broken Heart at the moment


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