Next semester I’m living on Flax seeds and shrimp

This is my face when I stepped on the scale tonight.  I’m back to my weight from Freshman year and I’m not happy about it.  Exam week followed by christmas did me in. DARN YOU SWEETS AND DELICIOUS GOODNESS! Yea, so I’m going to be doing some dieting until I can get back to a nice smaller size. (but I still have plans to Harvest moon with a bag of potato chips tonight first)

On another dietary note I think I may be semi vegetarian next semester. By Semi I mean I’m still heading over to my guy friend’s apartments if they grill something yummy.  But I think I’ll have to go veg-head every Lent because I just can’t remember on Fridays otherwise! but it’s kinda of thrilling to have a challenge and I’m always surprised what you can do without meat.  Plus, Meat is expensive.  I’m thinking veggies maybe some shrimpies added in (which always reminds me of the spanish trying to convince Rome that some animal like a capybara wasn’t meat . . . “lol”).

So My brother Got super mario Galaxy for christmas and this game is kinda like a crazy acid trip. Alright, So I kinda suck at it but I haven’t played too much yet.  I’ll get better! but It’s Mario, so there’s bright colours everywhere, which is expected, but since you’re on these tiny worlds you can walk all over them ie. gravity’s all bonky.  I’m carefully walking this ledge and my little bro comes over and is all, “just walk over the edge.” I look at him with a ‘what are you crazy?!’ face.  Is he TRYING to kill me, but I listen.  Sure enough I can walk right around.

It’s like being stuck in a escher painting! I have to fight goombas underneath a glass surface with goombas above me and gravity keeps shifting every few steps! GAH! I’m going back to some straightforwards RPGs now thanks.  I really really really need control of my camera angles. My lack of control is driving me crazy in Animal Parade too!

Speaking of games I kinda wanted to cry yesterday at the Target.  I walked into the game section and stared at all the games I know and want to play but don’t have the funds tog et at the moment.  Series like Assassin’s creed that I totally got into before there were like 5 games that I’m behind in.  how Am I supposed to keep up with the internet when I’m that behind?! This is a serious dilemma. >:|
I SWEAR I’m a real gamer, I just got set back when the new consoles came out nearly simultaneously with me going to college.  I should have got into xbox while I was still in highschool . . .
COUNTRY MUSIC.  So I started listening to it and I like it but one should never listen to it as a single person. One should always be in a relationship or just stick to your rock.  P!nk never struck me the same way as Paisley.  It’s times like this I’m so glad to be a writer, because I can just vent all my singleness in my characters. That’s right, Bryg, you’re getting roses tonight and Chyme you’ve got a date with Lucy at Nameless and Theo you’re going to remember how happy you were when you first met Lawrence.
oh! and I can write with the dice my aunt and uncle gave us! they’ve got pictures that are supposed to be prompts for stories that you piece together when you roll them and—NOOOO! SHE’S EVERYTHING JUST CAME ON SPOTIFY! <3

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