Ready . . . Set . . . last minute christmas shop!

Ordinarily I christmas shop by November so I never have to deal with the last minute christmas shoppers.  I just avoid the Malls and stores from December 18-25 like the plague.  This year I goofed and got all but one. I was going to order something, but it slipped my mind. That never happens, eh? No problem, I’ll just dart into the store and grab something.  It’s only one present, right? oh deary dear no!

Apparently all of Virginia does their christmas shopping late because stores kept being sold out of stuff. In addition to my one item, I decide to help my mom in her last minute rush.  First up, the twins.  I go to Toys R us for a Webkinz and can’t locate them ANYWHERE.  Now, I have been in Italy for a little while and Texas is kind of like being out of the country as well so perhaps in that amount of time away they . . . fell out of fashion? I doubt it.  I ask a sales associate “Do you have any webkinz?” and she informs me . . . they’re all sold out.  Lovely.

Before you fret, I found webkinz at 5 below but I had to get them Frogs, and they wanted a deluxe cat thing.  Oh well, your birthday’s just a hop over in February. I’ll search again then. I did find one thing on both their lists. Mazin Hampsters!

These things are a little weird. Pardon my skepticism at having a pink leopard print hamster following your red eyed tree frog on a colorful little online world. The pun in their name warranted a chuckle though.

Well, while I’m looking for the twins I’m keeping my eyes open for my last present.  c’mon something for a 17 year old girl! This can’t be too hard! I was thinking, I’ll grab her a pair of simple black pumps and glam them up for her.

She was looking at things kind of like these two, not too hard to do myself and then I can make her crazy $200 shoes down to $30 or $40.  Only thing, I’m not willing to splurge $30 on just the pump. I was amazed how hard it was to find A.) a black pump for the price I was looking for and B.) One in stock. Grr.

Back to  helping my mom out, I was looking for a DSLR camera.  20th, I go to the store and look at them and realize I need to do some research.  I don’t know what all these specs mean and the store assistants always talk too fast for me to process.  I need words. I go through the information with my mom the next day and we both go out to look the things over.  We have a good Idea of what we want but want to compare prices. we Compare on the 22 and already Store are selling out of them.  really? That many people are buying $600 DSLR cameras the days before christmas? I was surprised. Stupidly, we wait one more day to check at the store a little ways away and by the 23rd best buy, Target, and where ever else we go all sold out! my goodness! We’d almost given up hope when HG Gregg has them.  It must be off most people’s radar.  I know it was off mine.  I think of it as the K mart of electronic stores.

My mom’s shopping is almost all done by this point and I’m desperate! This shouldn’t be this hard! but stores don’t have things for her, or I’m not willing to pay some odd $25 for a specific eyeliner she wants. I drudge through the mall and see it, in the back of Hottopic.

EPIC BATMAN SNUGGIE! After listening to her monologue on how she’s debated with friends over whether her favorite super hero’s batman (because of DC’s definition of super hero as having super powers) and on hearing how she steals the snuggie right off her younger sister I know this is good.  And she totally wasn’t with me at all at this point to back up my assertion that this was epic.

It kills me that there’s no surprise.  I order everything ahead of time and go to great lengths to keep them secret. and then I go to great lengths to try and figure out what I’m getting as well.  Why did she have to be out with me when I found the best thing ever? Now If only I could find an xmen one . . . .

oh, and shopping this close to christmas,
Tumble weeds literally tumble down the aisles of the stores.  It’s crazy.  Moral of the Story: NEVER do that again! I’ll stick to being the official present wrapper who just sits in a pile of tape and ribbon for 7 days, Thanks.

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