Rachel Brice: tribal belly dance and female imagery

So I’m looking up Belly Dancing costumes and I find something called Tribal Belly dance. Well the costumes are a little bit the best of both worlds.

This is what I find for their costumes and it’s like a gypsy-steampunk-belly dance amalgamation and I love it.  Off to the great vastness of the internet I go and I find this woman Rachel Brice and I have to say I’m in love with her costumes. Majorly in love.

Her Dancing’s not half bad either.  I think I actually watched the whole clip! a rarity for me in dance clips! Her movement make me think of a snake, and not one that’s just had too much caffine or is deep in existential though! You’ll have to pardon my reference, but I can totally see her dancing being part of the Serpiente in Hawksong.  oh! I’m such an Avian!

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